Creativity, Therapy and Collage Workshop [Drawn:from building L: Issue 15]
by Lynne Barton

Anita Rankin, MA, ATR led a collage workshop on October 20, 2001 as part of The George Washington University Art Therapy program colloquia series. Rankin has been an art therapist for 12 years and is also a poetry therapist. She has recently been doing trauma and disaster work. Her workshop focused on the intersection of creativity, therapy, and collage.

Rankin explained that what creativity and therapy have in common is that they are both “hard to define,” and that creativity, therapy, and collage are all processes; they may look like they happen in an instant but a lot precedes the moment of actualization. She emphasized that seeing in new ways is the key shared element among the three. Other shared features of creativity, therapy, and collage include challenging assumptions, making connections, non-verbal thinking, and conscious and unconscious expression. >Continued…

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