Hello everyone,

I’ve just created a communication tool for those interested in sharing their thinking, knowledge, tools, methodologies, research, favorite links, ideas, creativity and the like.

I’ve managed to script in a *comment tool* found at the end of every posting. This is a place for direct feedback whatever comes to mind. Since this is a work in progress and very much learning as I go for little old me, some of what I’d like it to do (such as the ability to archive chronological comments) has yet to be discovered.

This weblog is a spin off from the Arts in Therapy egroup that began in 1999 but with a difference. The difference being this site is public and for everyones eyes. The main contributors continue to be professionals in the different creative or expressive arts therapies fields, inclusive of the visual arts, music & dance disciplines, but may also include comments from other visitors.

Your participation is not only welcomed, it is essential to create the right dynamics that make such a place a success. Success in these virtual realms is measured through the variety and multiplicity of voices that come together in dialogue. This is a narrative in progress. One I hope will offer a dialogical environment for our international membership to creatively come together and feed our various professions through the richness of sharing. I envision collaboration as the key process to lead us into a new century of innovative and rewarding avenues, applications and research. I welcome everyone

Francine Lévesque MA, PhD in progress
Art therapist, Montreal, Quebec

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